MIKROSA grinding machines set global standards in technology, precision, quality and productivity in centerless external cylindrical grinding. Our application range extends from tiny needles through high-precision pump pistons to heavy railway axles.

Since 1949 we have continuously worked on the technological advancement of centerless grinding. The result is machine concepts and innovations which have made us a world leading manufacturer of centerless external cylindrical grinding machines today. With a grinding accuracy in the 0.1 micrometer range we are already practically at the limit of the industrially measurable, but MIKROSA is still far from running out of ideas.

1878 - 1950
  • Foundation of the original companies "Kirchner & Co." (wood-working machines), "Arno Krebs" and "Müller & Montag" (milling machines and lathes), "Gehring" (honing machines) (1878)
  • Manufacture of the first SRS type centerless external cylindrical grinding machine (1949)
1951 - 1970
  • Further development of the SRS series into the SASL series (1951)
  • Development of the SASL series (1st gauged automatic machine) (1958)
  • Renaming as VEB MIKROSA Leipzig, a grinding machine factory exclusively producing the SASL series (1964)
1971 - 1990
  • First machine equipped with CNC technology in production (1976)
  • Balance sheet for VEB MIKROSA Leipzig: 10,000 machines delivered since 1949. The annual production is approx. 400 machines. MIKROSA is the world's largest manufacturer of centerless external cylindrical grinding machines. (1989)
  • VEB MIKROSA Leipzig becomes MIKROSA Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (1990)
1991 - 2005
  • MIKROSA is acquired by Hamburg KÖRBER AG. Formation of the international Schleifring Group (1993)
  • MIKROSA takes over the centerless external cylindrical grinding machine product range from HERMINGHAUSEN and Koenig & Bauer (MULTIMAT) (1994)
  • Decision to develop the KRONOS series (1995)
  • Amalgamation between MIKROSA Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH  and SCHAUDT Maschinenbau GmbH and Berliner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik (BWF) GmbH to become SCHAUDT MIKROSA BWF GmbH (2000)
  • Studer Mikrosa GmbH reopens its new plant in Leipzig after major modification and redesign
2009 - 2010
  • Amalgamation with Studer Mikrosa GmbH to become Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH, with headquarters in Stuttgart (2009)
  • Relocation of corporate headquarters and all production facilities for SCHAUDT and MIKROSA to Leipzig (2010).
  • The Schleifring Group becomes the UNITED GRINDING Group (2013)
  • Presentation of the new machine design for the UNITED GRINDING Group at the EMO in Hanover (2013)
Global Group
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