Integrated portal with shuttle

The integrated portal with shuttle is the standard automation solution for the centerless external cylindrical grinding machines of the KRONOS S range. It is available in two variants - a standard and an extended version for easy integration into a robot or automation cell. The shuttle performs automatic loading and unloading of the machine. It can be equipped manually or automatically as desired.

The workpiece fixture on the shuttle can be changed quickly as necessary and is easily adjusted using adjusting screws. The number of mounting V-blocks varies depending on the type and number of parts to be ground.

The shuttle is equipped with a workpiece detection mechanism. An integrated light barrier detects whether the mounting V-blocks are empty or occupied and whether the workpieces have been correctly inserted. When changing over to another workpiece type, the workpiece detection is configured by means of simple teach-in.

MIKROSA manufactures the workpiece-dependent portal grippers and mounting V-blocks using 3D printing. This allows for quick manufacture of almost any shape of gripper and V-block and optimal adaptation of them to challenging workpiece geometries. Spare parts are thus available much more quickly and downtimes  are reduced.

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