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Good software is crucial for an optimal grinding process. It supports the operator in his or her daily work, preventing grinding errors, allowing quick set-up of the machine and promoting more intuitive operation. Optimize your grinding process now!

Process optimization with Heureeka

For proper dimensioning of the grinding zone geometry

Selecting the correct parameters for the grinding zone geometry is critical to achieving good roundness values during grinding. Is the height configured properly? Is the workpiece support angle optimal? Which parameters could be changed to optimize the grinding result? Our "Heureeka" software guides you through the answers to these questions. It is used to accurately calculate the geometric stability (stability index) for centerless external circumferential grinding and allows you to dimension the grinding zone geometry properly for workpiece height, the height of the regulator wheel and the angle of the workpiece support for new grinding processes. In addition, it offers you an excellent way to analyze your current grinding process and grinding zone geometry. Don't hesitate to start optimizing your grinding processes on your own!

Product scope

  • Provision of software on USB data stick
  • Manual in PDF format
  • Telesupport (by request)

Your advantages

  • Quick identification of optimal settings
  • Easy operation with graphic interface
  • Results are easy to understand and in chart form
  • Potential for analysis of roundness issues
  • Optimize roundness even for dynamic and workpiece-indexed roundness errors
  • Stable grinding gap geometry and thus greater process safety for grinding results
  • Reduced rejects
  • Greater customer satisfaction


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Process optimization: Heureeka
Whether you need to create a new grinding process or analyze an existing grinding zone – our Heureeka software helps you to find the optimal grinding zone geometry and improve your centerless grinding process.
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